Judge moves forward lawsuit by WWE’s Dr. Chris Amann against CM Punk and Colt Cabana


The Washington Post is reporting that CM Punk tried to get a judge to throw out the $1 million libel lawsuit filed against him by WWE ringside doctor Chris Amann, but Cook County Circuit Court judge denied Punk’s and his co-defendant’s motions to dismiss the case and instead moved it forward, according to court documents.

The lawsuit was filed following the podcast on Colt Cabana with Punk that “broke the Internet” where Punk slammed WWE’s medical team, especially Chris Amann, over his injuries and lack of care. Cabana is named in the lawsuit as well.

Punk claims that for a cyst he had in his back, Dr. Amann prescribed him Z-Pak, an antibiotic to treat infections. The former WWE champion said he only got diagnosed with the real problem when he went to a different doctor who said that he was suffering from an MRSA staph infection.

The lawsuit was filed in February of this year with Amann claiming that he never treated Punk for a cyst on his back and that he has always followed WWE’s concussion protocol.

Punk and Cabana now have until August 24 to file a response to Amann’s complaint. They will be asked to admit or deny the allegations, or say that they lack sufficient knowledge to answer.