John Cena visits injured police officer at his home


John Cena, whose schedule is busier than ever, visited an injured officer from the Colorado Springs Police Department after several months of requests.

Officer Cem Duzel was shot and gravely wounded in the line of duty during a shootout on August 2, 2018, spending several months recovering at Craig Hospital in Englewood. Now, Officer Duzel is still recovering at his family home in Suffolk County, New York.

“Remember all those posts of a John Cena figurine showing up around the police station, encouraging the WWE star to visit Officer Duzel in person? Well, it finally happened!” the police department wrote on Facebook on Friday. “Thank you to everyone in our community who helped make this happen for Officer Duzel, and thank you to John Cena for supporting our hero along his journey! We are amazed, humbled, and beyond thankful,” the post continued.

Cena sported a “4901 Warrior On” t-shirt, the badge number that Officer Duzel had. Duzel is a huge WWE and John Cena fan and earlier this year, Cena sent him a personalized video, urging him to never give up and thanking him for sharing his story and message on the Internet. “And moreover, thank you for involving me in whatever capacity whether it’s a punching bag or a form of inspiration,” Cena said in the video.

The 16-time champ signed a WWE spinner title for the officer and posed for photos with the whole family while visiting at his home.

CBS4 Denver even covered the story during one of their news bulletins.