John Cena to grace the box artwork of Fruity Pebbles cereals is reporting that John Cena is about to boot Fred Flintstone from the Fruity Pebbles boxes in a promotion covering 4 million boxes of the cereal along with Cocoa Pebbles.

Cena already did this last year thanks to The Rock when he called him Fruity Pebbles, triggering the company to take advantage of the free advertising. However last year, Cena was only featured at the top of the box while Fred Flintstone still commanded the front artwork of the cereal. This time, the former WWE champ will take the front and center position, something that AdAge says it is a rare feat for a non-Flintstones character.

Andrew Judelson, WWE’s exec VP-sales and sponsorship, says that other similar deals are in the works involving other WWE Superstars.