John Cena back in the ring after landing on his head the night before


John Cena was fine yesterday and wrestled Kevin Owens during a non-televised live event in Charlottesville, Virginia, just 24 hours after getting almost knocked out by landing on his head after a botched move.

Cena did the sunset flip variation called the Infrared on Owens, a move he used before, but for whatever reason he did not completely finish turning and landed on his head. The match had to be stopped for a few minutes as the referee did the X hand sign and medical personnel had to attend to Cena in the ring.

Yesterday Cena returned to the ring and defeated Kevin Owens as their rivalry continues off television. “Many times life will hit you hard, knock you down, and hurt you. Persevere, Never Give Up, and do your best get up and keep going,” wrote Cena on Twitter afterward.

Owens was not convinced that it was “life” that keeps hitting Cena down. “That wasn’t life. That was me,” Owens replied.