Eric Bischoff discusses the 20th anniversary of WCW Nitro


Two days ago, September 4, marked the 20th anniversary from the debut of WCW Nitro on TNT, a show created by Ted Turner and Eric Bischoff to combat WWE’s Monday Night Raw program in a head to head battle that kicked off the Monday night wars.

Acknowledging the anniversary, former WCW President Eric Bischoff wrote on Twitter that he was very fortunate and grateful for the opportunity to create the show. “They were great times! You can relive them today on @WWENetwork. Glad they are available for older and newer fans!”

Bischoff, in replies to fans, said that WCW did a lot of things that had never been done before and “created interest in a solid but stagnate genre.”

Nitro lasted till March 26, 2001, with the last episode produced by WWE after the company bought WCW from AOL Time Warner. It had a run of 286 episodes and for 84 straight weeks, Nitro defeated Raw in the ratings, forcing Vince McMahon and WWE to step up and create the Attitude Era.

Bischoff recently recorded a sit down interviewfor a Monday night war DVD that is being released this Tuesday titled Monday Night War Vol. 2: Know Your Role.

“@WWENetwork is one of the best things to happen to the industry in a long time. Legacy footage, new content..great,” Bischoff wrote on his Twitter as his WCW creations live on for fans to discover.