John Cena and Nikki Bella’s relationship completely fallen apart and done once and for all


TMZ.COM is reporting that John Cena and Nikki Bella are pretty much done once and for all now as their on-and-off relationship has completely fallen apart and Nikki is moving out from his house.

Cena has been in China for the past few months filming and sources close to the couple told TMZ that they have “grown apart” from each other and Nikki sees no other option but to move on with her life without her former fiancé.

Also, friends close to Nikki told TMZ that she realized how unhappy she was while reliving the whole thing on Total Bellas and how she did not like the feeling of living in a gray area after she called off the wedding.

John Cena wrote on Twitter this week that “in times of crisis you find out who is your friend and who isn’t. Anyone who supports or praises you in triumph then abandons or ridicules you in crisis isn’t worth giving your time to,” probably in relation to his current relationship mess. Cena made it clear that he loves Nikki and wants back with her and is ready – again – to marry and father her children.

But Nikki seems like she’s had enough of the uncertainties and decided to draw a line, now concentrating on her business and professional life rather than her love life.