Brock Lesnar snaps, F5s Kurt Angle and attacks Paul Heyman!


Brock Lesnar delivered an F5 to Raw General Manager Kurt Angle and then got physical with Paul Heyman during the final segment on Raw as Lesnar made his first televised appearance since April 27.

Reserved for the main event of the show, Lesnar came out after Angle kept trashing him, calling him the worst Universal champion ever. He said that champions show up every week, meet fans, and even do charity work, but Lesnar does none of that. Brock got in Angle’s face, asking him if he has a problem, and then did the same to Corbin. But all of a sudden, Lesnar picked up Angle and hit the F5 with Corbin slowly backing away from the ring.

Heyman laughed but that laugh soon turned into terror as Lesnar grabbed Heyman by his face and neck and pretty much blamed Heyman for the damage he did to Angle. Heyman kept saying “I can’t breathe” and then the crowd broke into an unusual “We want Roman” chant as Lesnar let go of his advocate. Reigns was nowhere to be seen as he had been escorted out earlier in the broadcast.

WWE’s plan had been to turn Lesnar heel and try to get the fans cheer for Roman Reigns. Today, that plan was somewhat effective. You can see the video of the final angle below.