Jimmy Hart to induct Hillbilly Jim into the WWE Hall of Fame


WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy Hart will be inducting Hillbilly Jim into the WWE Hall of Fame next Friday in New Orleans, two nights before WrestleMania 34.

During the Andre The Giant HBO/WWE event, Hart said that it was Howard Finkel who saw his tapes from Memphis and called Hillbilly Jim to get him in touch to appear in the first WrestleMania.

Hart and Hillbilly Jim go back 34 years in the business and Jim often wrestled wrestlers managed by Hart while in the WWE. Hart said that he is really looking forward to inducting Hillbilly Jim in the Hall of Fame.

With Hart’s announcement, only two more people remain to be announced: the ones inducting Mark Henry and Kid Rock. Dana Warrior will be presenting the Warrior Award to Jarius “JJ” Robinson.