Is Fandangoing the new Harlem Shake? The Texans Cheerleaders think so…


Is Fandangoing the new Harlem Shake? It could very well be after this week thanks to some 16,000 crazy, hyped up wrestling fans who jam packed the IZOD Center this past Monday night.

To show just how big this is getting, the 51 finalists competing to be Texans Cheerleaders took a break from their competition and decided to make the most “epic fit of Fandangoing” out at practice.

“No…. no no no it’s…” says the Cheerleaders’ YouTube account description!

Yes, if you’re into watching 51 of the hottest females dancing and singing to Fandango’s theme in tiny outfits, this is the video for you. Come on, you know you want to see it. Check it out below.