Is CM Punk in New Orleans for WrestleMania?


The million dollar question for tonight’s show is not if Daniel Bryan will win the WWE title but if CM Punk will appear at WrestleMania.

Rumors have been running rampant this weekend that CM Punk is here. Fans posting unconfirmed photos of CM Punk at the New Orleans airport and other “sightings” certainly helped fuel the speculation even more.

CM Punk is currently dating WWE Divas champion AJ Lee and any sighting of him in New Orleans doesn’t necessarily mean that he will be on the show. Every Superstar or Diva bring their significant other and family members and it would not be surprising that Punk is here to support his real-life girlfriend.

Just don’t be disappointed if he doesn’t show up, after all, WWE has never advertised him for the show ever since he walked out the day after the Royal Rumble.