Are you ready for 6 hours of WWE programming today?


It’s going to be one heck of a busy day for the WWE production team as the WrestleMania broadcast tonight will not be four hours, not even five, but a total of six long hours.

The first two hours, starting at 5PM, will be part of the live pre-show and it will air on the WWE Network. Originally the first hour was going to air on WWE.COM, WWE app, Facebook, YouTube, and all the other usual online outlets however that has changed over the last few days and the pre-show is now exclusively to the WWE Network for U.S. viewers only. The pre-show will also feature the fatal 4-way for the WWE tag team titles.

A special countdown to WrestleMania will air on YouTube at 6:30PM EST and will be accessible to all fans worldwide however will be a different program from what the WWE Network will air.

The remaining hours will be the actual WrestleMania XXX event itself, starting at 7PM and running till 11PM EST the latest. There’s no live post-show announced on the WWE Network but after six straight hours of wrestling it comes to no surprise. WWE holds their annual WrestleMania party at the hotel after the show so most involved in the production will leave as soon as the show is over.