Investment website predicts WWE Network subs after SummerSlam search statistics


Investment website is predicting a huge increase in WWE Network subscribers following SummerSlam based on Google’s search traffic statistics.

The article states that at its peak during WrestleMania week in April, search traffic from Google to WWE.COM in the United States resulted to 3.4 million hits while during the SummerSlam weekend it registered 4.3 million hits, a 26.9% increase in traffic.

Based on these stats and previous Network signup data, is predicting 922,000 subscribers to the Network and worst case scenario of 866,000. WWE’s latest subscriber count by June 30, 2014, was 700,000.

These predicted numbers are solely for US based subscribers and do not include potential foreign subscriptions. WWE Network is now in over 170 countries.

You can read the article here.