Fan claims to be ejected from RAW for Nitro sign, but did he really?


There are several reports floating online that the fan who was holding a sign that said, “I could be at home watching Nitro” at last night’s RAW was ejected from the building.

The fan’s apparent friend was holding another sign next to him that read “For just $9.99,” and the duo – facing the hard camera – were on TV for most of the night with their signs showing at every opportunity.

A post on Reddit by this alleged fan said that he was threatened with an arrest after “5 men in suits” surrounded him after he left with security to the vending area. He was first approached by a “skinny white male with a black polo shirt with the WWE logo,” and then by “a huge black male in a suit with a WWE lapel pin.”

He then said that he left on his own. “After 5 maybe 10 minutes of the bullshit I left to my own will because I was tired of this shit,” he wrote.

The problem is that this particular fan, who was sporting a yellow t-shirt (there was another fan with a yellow shirt in front of him) was there till the very end of the show. His sign most likely got taken away since it disappeared towards the final part of the show, but surely it doesn’t seem that he was ejected as it’s being reported.

You can see the evidence of the guy sitting through five different segments of the show including the main event in an animated GIF below.