Hundreds of floor tickets still available for WrestleMania 34


Hundreds of floor seats are still available for WrestleMania, with six sections only about 25% full, two roughly 70% full, and six others close to being 100% full.

The Mercedes-Benz Superdome has been configured to have 14 floor sections and the ones which are configured to be seated at an angle are the ones which are having more problem selling. The two sections on each side of the aisle are at approximately 70% full with a few ringside seats also available. Those seats are selling for a whopping $9,000 each on Ticketmaster. The section facing the camera and the one where the cameras will be are pretty much full.

The rest of the Superdome looks full, with only some pockets available in the corners of the south side of the stadium. WWE has less than two months to move more floor tickets before the show takes place on April 8.