Hell In A Cell 2016 pay-per-view results

WWE invades the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts for Hell In A Cell, Raw’s second brand-specific pay-per-view of 2016. It’s a special night for the women, especially for Sasha Banks, who will be main eventing the first ever WWE pay-per-view in her home town.


The Cruiserweights took the Kickoff portion of the show, with everyone on the Cruiserweight roster being part of Hell In A Cell. The faces won the match with Cedric Alexander pinning Drew Gulak.

The pay-per-view starts with a wicked opening montage featuring…a Oija board plugging the triple main event. 16,193 fans on hand inside the TD Garden.

The beautiful Lana comes out to introduce her husband for the first Hell In A Cell match. Then Roman Reigns comes out to boos. I guess some things never change. Rusev gets the “Let’s go Rusev / Rusev sucks” chants from the crowd. A few minutes later, Reigns gets the same treatment. Both men used the steel steps, kendo stick, and a chain as foreign objects, with Reigns landing some very stiff kendo stick shots on his opponent. The Bulgarian Brute kicked out of the Superman punch and right before Reigns hit the spear, Rusev superkicks him and then drives him into the steel steps which were placed in the corner. Reigns kicked out in the last second but then Rusev locked in the Accolade submission move. Reigns crawls out of the move. Rusev then locks in the Accolade on the steel steps with a chain wrapped around Reigns’ mouth however Reigns once again powers out and delivers a Samoan drop on the steps. With Rusev still on the steps, Reigns hits a spear and then covers him for the pin. And still United States champion, Roman Reigns.

A shot of Boston is shown as the commentators go over the events from last Monday when Rollins pinned Owens and Jericho. Backstage, Owens is interviewed by Tom Phillips.


As Dana Brooke is introduced, the Brazilian, Japanese, and Russian WWE Network broadcast team are welcomed by Michael Cole. Bayley rams Brooke’s head to each turnbuckle in one of the corners. Haven’t seen that in a while. Bayley is sporting the Kinesio tape on her shoulder and Dana concentrates all her offensive moves on the injured shoulder. Bayley recovers and then goes for the Bailey-to-Belly suplex finisher and gets the win. Short match.

Backstage segment with Chris Jericho, Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon and Raw General Manager Mick Foley. Jericho is trying to convince Steph and Mick that he and Kevin Owens should be co-captains of team Raw at the Survivor Series.

Michael Cole plugs Raw Talk, which follows the Hell In A Cell pay-per-view only on the WWE Network. Roman Reigns and Bayley will be the guests of Renee Young, Jerry Lawler, Booker T, and Lita. Think Smackdown’s Talking Smack, but for Raw.


Enzo and Big Cass do their usual shtick. Bada boom, bada bing.  They came to Bean Town to give “Big Gal and Andy” a beat down. After a brief upper hand by the faces, Gallows and Anderson take over the match with Enzo taking most of the punishment. Big Cass makes the hot tag and cleans house but eventually gets taken out as well. Enzo tags in again but it doesn’t end up well for him as he gets the Magic Killer for his trouble. Anderson then pinned Enzo for the win. How you doin’? The promo prior to the match seem to have lasted more than the actual match.

A Susan G. Komen promo for the More Than Pink campaign airs with Sasha Banks doing commentary followed by a WWE 2K17 promo.


The second Hell In a Cell match for the Universal title takes place in the middle of the card. Kevin Owens makes his way out first. Big pop for Seth Rollins, who is also sporting Kinesio tape on his back. Rollins hit the cage head first a couple of times but did not bleed. Good to note that Chris Nowinski, the former WWE Superstar who heads the Concussion Legacy Foundation, is at ringside. Maybe not the smartest thing to do. Owens sets two tables outside. One at an angle with the legs of the table resting in the cage holes, and one beneath it. Owens gets a fire extinguisher and hits Rollins with it, then empties it on the referee! Smart plan, as with the door open to help the ref, Chris Jericho runs in and joins the party. Jericho saves Owens from a Pedigree however Jericho ends up getting Pedigreed himself. Rollins goes for a powerbomb but nearly botches it because of Owens’ weight. He eventually powers through and powerbombs him through the two tables waiting outside. He goes for a frog splash but Jericho breaks the pin. Rollins then beats up on Jericho and when he gets back in the ring, he’s welcomed by the Pop Up Powerbomb but Rollins kicks out at 2. Owens hits three vicious chair shots on Rollins and then hits a DDT on the chair. Owens then delivers a powerbomb through two chairs for the pin, retaining the WWE Universal title. Great match.

After the match was over, Chris Jericho hit the Codebreaker on Seth Rollins as Kevin Owens walked to the back.

The Kickoff show panel of Renee Young, Booker T, Jerry Lawler, and Lita get their usual segment. Lita liked the Owens/Rollins match. Booker liked Rusev/Reigns and Lawler was glad his picks Gallows and Anderson won. A recap of the Kickoff match is shown.


No video package for this match. Probably the show running late already. The crowd was super dead, spent after that HIAC match. Brian Kendrick faked a leg injury and TJ Perkins went to help him. Kendrick head butted him and then locked in the Captain’s Hook and TJ Perkins tapped out. New Cruiserweight champion crowned.

A WWE Network promo airs. Best thing since sliced bread. Another outside shot of Boston as the Raw commentary team plugs the Network, NXT Takeover: Toronto, and the Survivor Series.

Backstage segment with Cesaro and Sheamus. Cesaro all decked out in a white jacket, bow tie, and red flower in his pocket. The two complain and argue with each other.

Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho are announced as joining Raw Talk immediately following Hell In A Cell on the WWE Network.


The New Day comes out for another long monologue to start the match. Xavier Woods is wrestling today so probably no trombone playing during the match. Cesaro and Sheamus worked well together most of the time with Xavier Woods taking most of the punishment. Sheamus tried to hit the Brougue Kick on Big E but he moved and decked out Cesaro. Xavier tried to pin but Sheamus broke the pin. With Woods locked in the Sharpshooter, Sheamus hit Big E with the trombone and then tried to hit Kofi Kingston. Kofi ducked and then hit Sheamus. Unfortunately for him the referee saw him and rang the bell for the DQ. Cesaro thought he won as Kofi tapped out at the same time but the ref only saw Kofi interfering. Sheamus and Cesaro win however The New Day retain the Raw Tag Team titles.

Goldberg vs Lesnar promo for the Survivor Series airs. Brock says he doesn’t give a shit about Goldberg’s wife and kid.

It’s main event time and the video package for Sasha Banks vs Charlotte is played.


Charlotte comes out with a brand new beautiful robe and being carried out by four men, similar to a Triple H WrestleMania entrance. Fans chant “We want Sasha” as WWE keeps them waiting before hitting her theme song. Sasha comes out in a Cadillac SUV and bodyguards, similar to her NXT Takeover: Brooklyn entrance. Charlotte attacks Sasha before the Cell is even down and the action spills to the outside, fighting in the crowd. The two tried to climb up the cage from the outside but Charlotte powerbombs Sasha through the announce table. Sasha takes a long time and is helped by the referee and eventually EMTs come down to help Banks. They put a neck brace on her and put her on a stretcher. Just as Charlotte was about to be declared the new Raw Women’s champion, Sasha hulks up and gets off the stretcher, gets in the ring and unloads on Charlotte. Sasha took one hell of a beating with the focus being on her back. After recovering (sort of), Sasha hits the Three Amigos – or Amigas in this case – as a tribute to Eddie Guerrero and then hits the frog splash for the two count. Fans chant “Eddie! Eddie!” Charlotte finds a table under the ring and sets it up outside but the spot doesn’t go according to plan as the table quickly breaks when Charlotte falls on it. Charlotte locks in the Figure 8 but Sasha breaks it by smashing her with a chair which was in the ring. Sasha tries a running powerbomb through a table but her back gives out. Charlotte takes advantage and throws Sasha twice on the table, but it doesn’t break. She goes for the Natural Selection, covers her and gets the pin, winning the Women’s title once again. The referee checks on Sasha who’s still on the mat motionless as Charlotte doesn’t even try to celebrate winning the main event. Weird ending.

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