Hair match at SummerSlam scrapped…replaced with loser leaves WWE stipulation!


The Mandy Rose vs Sonya Deville match at SummerSlam has taken another turn with the hair vs hair match out of the window…but another stipulation with an ever higher stakes was announced.

During Smackdown last night, Mandy Rose hinted that she’d rather have her friend back than wrestle her but later in the broadcast, Sonya shot that down and challenged Rose to a no disqualification match where the loser would have to leave WWE.

How this angle turns out remains to be seen as both Rose and Deville are an integral part of the Smackdown roster, especially Rose who is also with Mr. Money In The Bank Otis.

Deville was the subject of an attempted armed kidnapping last Sunday and Rose was also in the house with her. The two managed to escape and the kidnapper, who admitted to the plot, remained locked up in jail when his bail was refused on Thursday.