Goldberg says Survivor Series win was a “dream come true”


Goldberg told ESPN.COM that at the Survivor Series, the best way to take Lesnar down was to go the shock and awe route, something that nobody would expect against “a monster like that.” He noted that he doesn’t believe any of the smart marks all over the world thought the match was going to end like that.

The former WCW champion was encouraged by the reaction of the fans since his comeback, keeping in mind that the last time he was in a WWE ring – with Lesnar as well – fans did not appreciate any of them and booed them out of Madison Square Garden. The reaction of the fans was the reason that he made the decision to extend his deal with WWE. “I’m concentrating on the Royal Rumble and that’s it. I don’t have any plans of doing anything afterwards. My focus is on the 29 other men that I’m going to have to crucify to win that damn match,” Goldberg said, adding that he’s only as good as his next appearance.

“To be able to be booked to win against a guy like Brock Lesnar is a dream come true,” Goldberg said. “You’re looking in a lot of ways at a mirror image of yourself. I think we bring something to the table that is completely different than any other two people in the sport of professional wrestling. And I am proud of that, and I think that we’ve got that market pretty much cornered. I don’t know if that was the case prior to me coming in and being his opponent, but I do believe that that’s a special space and I think we can pretty much call our own right now,” he added.

Goldberg admitted that time is no longer on his side and things have changed, especially how he presents himself physically. “But it doesn’t mean that inside of this mind there’s still not that monster that’s ready to come out,” Goldberg concluded.