Goldberg appears on Raw, match with Ziggler official at SummerSlam


With just days to go, it’s finally official: Dolph Ziggler’s next!

Last night on Raw, the planned Ziggler vs Miz match at SummerSlam was scrapped and instead it will happen on the post-SummerSlam Raw.

The main event of the show was a Miz TV segment where a contract signing between both Superstars was supposed to take place. After Dolph signed his end of the deal, Miz informed Ziggler that the two of them will not be wrestling on that day, but rather the next day.

HBK, who was also part of the segment, took the mic and said, “Well, Dolph, it’s not me!” And then Goldberg’s theme song hit. Miz and HBK left the ring as Dolph was ready to fight but as soon as Goldberg entered, Dolph bailed.

Goldberg, who received a big pop from the crowd, signed the contract and told Ziggler that he’s next. Dolph backed up the entrance ramp but it wasn’t over for him just yet as HBK came out again and hit him with the Sweet Chin Music.

This will be Goldberg’s first match since his disastrous one with The Undertaker at the Super ShowDown show from Saudi Arabia where he knocked himself out.