GoFundMe campaign by Breeze and Owens reaches $30,000 goal


The GoFundMe.com campaign set up by Kevin Owens and Tyler Breeze in benefit of the victims of the fire at Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada has surpassed the $30,000 goal.

“This is really amazing. In just 24 hours, we are almost at our original goal. Thank you all! Tyler and I are absolutely blown away by everyone’s generosity,” Owens wrote just before the $30,000 mark was hit.

As of this writing, over $32,000 were donated with all money going to the Canadian Red Cross which is helping those in need in the area.

“We will be following everyone who included their Twitter handle and sending out the videos within a few weeks…sorry, we’re really busy! But it will happen, we promise,” Owens added. The duo promised a video for a donation of $100 and a Twitter follow for anyone who donates.

Donations will be accepted until May 22, the day of WWE Extreme Rules. You can donate at https://www.gofundme.com/22vqm7w.