Glenn Jacobs talks about how supportive Vince McMahon was during mayoral campaign

"He sent me a text that got me all choked up”


In an interview with Sports Illustrated following his mayoral election win, WWE Superstar and soon-to-be Mayor of Knox County Kane spoke about how supportive WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon was to him during the campaign.

“Vince has been very supportive throughout this entire endeavor,” said Jacobs. “He reached out to extend his congratulations.” The article notes that the former WWE champion was “calm and composed” during the interview until he was asked about Vince.

“Vince wants all of us to do well, no matter what we’re doing, because it reflects well on the company,” he added, forced to compose himself before continuing. “On a personal level, between me and him, it’s important to me that he is proud of me. He’s done so much for me and for my family. He sent me a text that got me all choked up.”

Kane has been on WWE’s books since 1995 when he debuted as Isaac Yankem DDS and then two years later turned into the monster Kane, the gimmick that shot him to superstardom.