Full betting odds for the 2018 Survivor Series


For tonight’s Survivor Series, the current Universal champion Brock Lesnar remains the favorite in his match against the newly-crowned WWE champion Daniel Bryan. Lesnar is at 1/4 in odds while Bryan is at 11/4.

Raw Women’s champion Ronda Rousey had a change of opponent in the final week leading up to the show but she still remains the overwhelming favorite, with her odds at 1/10 while Charlotte Flair, replacing Becky Lynch, is at a a distant 11/2.

The dream match of Seth Rollins and Shinsuke Nakamura has Nakamura being the favorite by a good distance as he is at 2/7 to win for the blue brand while Rollins is at 5/2. Meanwhile, The Authors of Pain are 2/5 favorites for their non-title match against The Bar, who are at 7/4 for the win.

The only title match on this show is the Cruiserweight one and Buddy Murphy, the current champ, is at 4/11 to win while Mustafa Ali is at 2/1.

In the traditional Survivor Series elimination matches, Team Raw is 1/3 favorite while Team Smackdown is at 9/4. Drew McIntyre is also the favorite to be the sole survivor. In the women’s match, the situation is reversed as Team Smackdown is 8/13 favorites while Team Raw is at 6/5. And in the 10 vs 10 Tag Team match, Team Smackdown is also the favorite at 1/5 while Team Raw is at 10/3.

The odds are likely to change as the show gets closer so please bet carefully.