Free month trial offer to WWE Network with PPV terminated


The free month offer of the WWE Network where fans were able to sign up and watch a pay-per-view for free has been terminated with the arrival of the free version of the WWE Network.

And no, the free version of the Network will not allow anyone to watch the live, monthly pay-per-views so no one can sign up anymore and cancel their subscription 30 days later before getting billed.

Shows which are not part of the free version of the Network have a lock on them and fans will be asked to upgrade to a paid subscription to watch the locked content. The free WWE Network has 15,000 titles for viewing pleasure.

Giving a free month of the Network service especially during WrestleMania raised many eyebrows several years ago when WWE implemented the offer and while it led to a spike during the big four PPVs, those fans quickly canceled the service and most signed up again using a different e-mail address to make use of the offer for another pay-per-view.