Former WWE performer tweet about killing himself live at Raw sparks police action


A tweet yesterday claimed that someone was going to shoot himself in the head during Raw, a statement which sparked a response from both WWE and the Toronto police.

A user by the name of Jason Sensation wrote, “I got my gun through security & will shoot myself in the head & kill myself during tonight’s #RAW in Toronto. Don’t ya dare miss it!!! Thanks for the memories @WWE.” The tweet was later taken down along with the whole account.

Jason Sensation is the same individual who appeared briefly in WWE during the Attitude Era imitating Owen Hart.

WWE was made aware of the tweet and the Toronto Police issued a public advisory on their Twitter at 10PM. “There were numerous tweets to Toronto Police regarding a threat made by Jason Sensation over Twitter. We have been investigating it thoroughly. We are with Mr. Sensation now, he never was at the Soctiabank Arena, there is no concern for public safety.”

Vince Russo, who is friends with Sensation, later confirmed that the tweet was done as a “joke.”