Finally….The Rock has come back to Dallas!


The Rock has come back….to Dallas! One of the busiest man on the planet arrived in Dallas yesterday and posted on Instagram that at 2AM he was still at the AT&T Stadium going over what he was about to do tonight.

We still don’t know what his role is at WrestleMania and WWE pretty much gave him an open book so he pretty much can decide to do whatever the hell The Rock wants to do. The former WWE champion was supposed to wrestle Triple H but insurance companies got in the way when the movie Baywatch was announced, preventing him from wrestling.

Both him and WWE have been pushing his appearance big time so whatever The Rock does will not be just a cameo appearance. “What a night we have planned…” Johnson said on his Instagram.

His mother and daughter have been in town for a few days already and his daughter Simone has been photographed with several WWE Divas already.