EVOLVE to host part of the WWE Global Cruiserweight Series Network show


EVOLVE, the indie company who has some good ties with WWE, announced that they will be hosting part of the WWE Global Cruiserweight Series which will air on the WWE Network this Summer.

The announcement was made yesterday at EVOLVE 56, held in Brooklyn, and attended by NXT General Manager William Regal. The qualifying matches of the U.S. portion of the series will be showcased on EVOLVE shows before the winners will move to Orlando for shows held at Full Sail University.

The Global Cruiserweight Series was announced last month and it will be a 10-week tournament with 32 cruiserweights from all around the world participating. It kicks off on the WWE Network in mid July.

EVOLVE has been enjoying a nice partnership with WWE as of late with WWE sending NXT talent  for EVOLVE shows. This past January, Triple H visited the EVOLVE show in Orlando the night before the Royal Rumble and his photo peaking through the backstage curtain with EVOLVE’s Gabe Sapolsky was an Internet favorite.