ESPN host apologizes over insensitive tweet about Kevin Owen’s son


ESPN host Amin Elhassan has apologized over the tweet he sent out on Tuesday, taking a dig at Kevin Owen’s son when a video was uploaded of him reacting to his father’s WWE Universal title win on Monday night.

After the video of Owen’s son was uploaded being overwhelmed at what he just saw on Raw, Elhassan retweeted the video and wrote, “Until someone told him it was scripted.” The comment did not go down very well with the Internet wrestling community, those in the business, and his ESPN co-workers who are wrestling fans.

Elhassan then “went to war” against wrestling fans who flooded his Twitter with insults over his insensitivity and kept making fun of those who reached out to him. At one point he told one fan not to “obsess over fictional events,” and then added, “Damn I don’t wanna go but I gotta get ready for @SportsNation. No one tell my kid that it’s scripted, please.”

Today, Elhassan was forced into tweeting an apology. “I tweeted a joke about wrestling earlier this week and it was in poor taste. I sincerely apologize to Kevin Owens and his family,” he wrote.

There was pressure being made by fans on ESPN to have Elhassan apologize and Mick Foley even wrote that he’s been reaching out to ESPN to have him do an on-air apology after the tweet made him “feeling sick and angry.”