Eric Bischoff leaves WWE less than four months after big appointment


Less than four months after getting hired as the Smackdown Executive Director, former WCW President Eric Bischoff found himself out of the job he was brought in for after WWE today announced that he has been replaced by Bruce Prichard.

Bischoff, who packed his bags and moved to Stamford, Connecticut, for the full-time job, said at the time that he was “humbled” and “honored” with the new appointment and considered it the most important job of his entire wrestling career.

It’s not known what led to Bischoff’s removal from his position as Executive Director of Smackdown. He was specifically brought in due to his skills in dealing with network executives.

A few days ago, Bischoff posted a photo in between Ric Flair and Tyson Fury from Las Vegas where Smackdown was held.

WWE has said that Bischoff is completely gone from the company and did not get another position.