eBay wipes almost all negative feedback from WWE Shop’s account after replica title fiasco


eBay has wiped the majority of the negative feedback that the WWEShop account had accumulated over the past week after the company failed to honor the prices of the discounted replica title belts.

Hundreds of orders were processed after WWE marked down all replica titles to $40. The mistake lasted well over 10 hours, with titles being added every few hours with the marked-down price.

Eventually, the price was corrected and the next day WWE started canceling all the orders and slowly giving refunds.

With nearly 200 negative feedback posted over the past week from angry customers who felt that WWE should honor the prices, eBay started removing the feedback which had dragged down the official WWE Shop eBay account to just 90% satisfaction rating. Their rating is back up to 98.6% and will increase more once eBay removes a few more negative ones.

WWE sent an e-mail to all customers to advise them that their order was canned “due to a price listing error that was made and fixed immediately after WWE was made aware of the mistake.” They also quoted eBay’s T&C which states that a seller “can cancel a transaction up to 30 days after the sale even if [the] buyer has already paid for the item.”

The company also a gave 20% discount on the next order up until May 1. “Again, we apologize for any inconvenience and sincerely hope that you will remain a loyal fan and customer of WWE,” the e-mail stated.