Drake Maverick receives new WWE deal before NXT goes off the air


Drake Maverick came close, but fell short of winning the NXT Cruiserweight championship yesterday on NXT on USA Network but Maverick’s story received a well-deserved happy ending.

Maverick, who was released from his WWE contract in April due to cost-cutting measures, had to work portions of his 90-day no-compete clause as he was already announced for the Cruiserweight title tournament on NXT.

Prior to the match, Maverick posted a photo of his face pasted on CM Punk’s iconic photo of him holding the WWE title blowing a kiss to Vince McMahon at Money In The Bank from several years ago, suggesting that he will win the title and bolt. In fact, Impact Wrestling even used Maverick, who wrestled as Rockstar Spud for the promotion, in the Slammiversary 2020 teaser.

But Maverick’s efforts to win the title were dented as the masked men who have been kidnapping NXT stars from the parking lot showed up for the distraction, allowing El Hijo del Fantasma to pick up the win and the title.

After the match was over, fellow NXT and Performance Center stars banged on the perspex surrounding ringside and gave Maverick a standing ovation. Maverick looked directly into the camera and said thank you and started moving to the back.

But before the show went off the air, a dejected Maverick had a surprise waiting for him: Triple H walked out and offered him a new deal to stay with NXT. Maverick cried and signed his deal, Triple H signed on the other line, and raised his hand as Maverick celebrated at the top of the ramp with something better than the title: a new WWE deal.