Dolph Ziggler takes out Rusev at non-televised event in Vancouver


Dolph Ziggler made an unannounced appearance at last night’s WWE non-televised live event in Vancouver. Ziggler is currently there filming the WWE Studios movie 6:42 and decided to show up for the event and say hello to friends who he has not seen in a few weeks.

At the beginning of the show, Ziggler was being filmed sitting among the crowd and then walking back, before making his cameo during a segment involving Rusev, Summer Rae, and Lana.

Rusev and Summer were talking trash about Lana and Ziggler and Lana came out to fight Summer before Ziggler evened the odds and attacked Rusev in the ring, delivering a Zig Zag much to the enjoyment of the crowd. On her Twitter Lana posted a selfie of the two while she visited on set.

Ziggler has been off WWE television for over a month and is scheduled to return to WWE soon as filming is about to wrap up.