DirecTV not airing WrestleMania 33 on pay-per-view


For the third year in a row, one of the largest pay-per-view providers in the United States, DirecTV, is not offering WrestleMania 33 on traditional pay-per-view.

DirecTV severed all ties with WWE in April 2014 following the introduction of the WWE Network. WrestleMania XXX from New Orleans was the last pay-per-view that DirecTV aired.

The company, now owned by AT&T and based in El Segundo, California, was the second broadcaster to drop WWE shows after DISH Network pulled the plug first three years ago. DISH Network however made a u-turn and is now showing pay-per-views on event-by-event basis. DISH’s corporate communications office already confirmed with us that they will be airing WrestleMania 33 on pay-per-view for $59.99.

WrestleMania will be available for free for first-time subscribers to the WWE Network this year as well. To subscribe, simply go to