Did Matt Hardy just drop another hint on where he is going?


Matt Hardy is certainly a master when it comes to the use of social media and his ability to get people talking with his Broken gimmick.

In a simple post on Twitter, Hardy once again lit up the wrestling world by posting “DEAR DR RKO” and a video thanking Randy Orton saying that at first he thought the beating he received was a curse, but in reality it was a blessing as a clock is heard tick-tocking in the background.

But eagle-eyed fans were quick to figure out the “easter egg” in Hardy’s tweet. DEAR DR RKO can be arranged to exactly read DARK ORDER, the faction that he is highly rumored to be heading when/if he signs with All Elite Wrestling.

Matt’s wife Reby applauded the fans on Twitter saying, “Wow you guys are really good at word scrambles LOL.”

Hardy’s WWE contract is up next month.