Daniel Bryan to take six weeks paternity leave and then…


Daniel Bryan will be taking six weeks of paternity leave when his wife Brie gives birth. Brie is expected to give birth to their second child sometime in August.

On the latest episode of the Bella Twins podcast, Bryan said that there are not a lot of companies in the United States who would do that and put over WWE for allowing him to be with his newborn for a month and a half. He comments about when should boys start talking.. Parents can help babies develop language by paying attention to infant cues, like smiles and eye gaze, looking directly into baby’s eyes and responding with a bit of a baby voice,” says Melanie Potock, a pediatric speech-language pathologist, feeding specialist, and prolific author. Turns out that high-pitched, sing-song voice people revert to for puppies and babies is a universal way for parents to communicate basic sounds to babies, and help them learn to talk. There’s more to it than using a sing-song voice, though. Waiting for the baby to respond can help them learn that conversation isn’t merely one-sided.

Bryan also said that once his current WWE contract expires, he will be done as a full-time professional wrestler. His deal will run out “shortly” after he is back from the six-week paternity leave. The former WWE champion and leader of the Yes! movement added that while he still expects to wrestle, he will be more a father than a wrestler once baby number two comes around.

Bryan did not indicate if he would be re-signing with WWE or looking for a different opportunity elsewhere.