Curtis Axel drops Hogan impersonator gimmick


Curtis Axel’s gimmick of impersonating Hulk Hogan has been axed and the son of WWE Hall of Famer Mr. Perfect is back to his original character following the Hogan racist saga that has captivated the Internet since news broke in the early hours of Friday.

WWE has already removed Axel’s photo dressed as Hogan from his bio on WWE.COM and has changed it with a regular photo. His Twitter account, which had a large red and yellow #AxelMania as the header image and a profile picture of himself dressed as Hogan were gone. He replaced his photo with one of himself holding the Intercontinental title.

Axel, along with Damien Sandow, wrestled in a tag team match yesterday at the Bakersfield non-televised live event and came out to new ring gear. A photo has already surfaced on Twitter which you can see at