Hogan thanks fans on Twitter, Steiner rips him apart


Hulk Hogan used Twitter to thank those who are standing by him during this storm that saw him being erased from WWE and losing a ton of money over racist remarks from 2012 that made their way online just now.

“Thank you to all my friends, family and business partners for all your love and support, you guys know who I really am and I love u 4 that,” Hulk tweeted.

A lot of black people were showing their support for Hogan by posting their photos with him, photos that Hogan was retweeting.

Mick Foley also chimed in saying his heart truly hurts for Hulk as he firmly believes he is a good person who made a mistake.

Virgil, who’s slowly becoming an Internet legend like the Iron Sheik, supported Hogan saying, “That man has done more for me than almost anybody,” and in his recent Reddit AMA, Virgil also put over Hogan.

One person who does not like Hogan and is having fun on Twitter blasting him is Scott Steiner, who first posted an image of the definition of karma writing, “Now does everybody believe me that Hogan is a piece of sh*t.” He then suggested that Hulk and Donald Sterling should play Russian roulette with all the bullets in the chambers. He says that between the jail house tapes and the racist rant, everybody is seeing the “real Hogan.”