Current betting odds for tonight’s Hell In A Cell pay-per-view


The betting lines for tonight’s Hell In A Cell pay-per-view are open and it’s good to note that these odds will probably change for some if not all matches as the show gets closer to bell time.

In the Hell In A Cell matches, Brock Lesnar is the favorite at 2/7 while Taker is at 5/2. Roman Reigns is also the favorite at 1/4 versus Wyatt who is at 11/4.

Seth Rollins will be keeping the title according to the bookies with odds at 1/5 while Kane is at 3/1. Kevin Owens is also favorite to retain the Intercontinental title at 1/6 with his challenger Ryback at 4/1. Charlotte is the big favorite for keeping the Divas title at 1/8 and Nikki Bella at 9/2 for the upset. The Dudley Boyz are looking better at winning the Tag Team titles tonight with odds at 1/3 in their favor while The New Day are at 9/4 to retain.

The Kickoff match sees the babyface team of Ziggler, Cesaro, and Neville winning at 4/9 while the heel team of Rusev, Barrett, and Sheamus are at 13/8.

There are no odds on who will win the United States title match as there’s no opponent for Cena yet however odds are in place on who will face him, with Tyler Breeze and Samoa Joe seemingly being the most safe bets.