Brock Lesnar receives 9 staples to the head to close wound


Brock Lesnar needed 9 staples to close the wound in his head yesterday after the brutal Hell In A Cell match versus the Undertaker was over.

The former WWE World Heavyweight champion got busted open the hard way when he was rammed into the ring post and bled pretty bad throughout the match. The amount of sweat made the blood look even worse and the WWE doctor went in twice to try and clean off the blood however only succeeded once after he was thrown out by Lesnar himself the second time around.

WWE has strict rules on bleeding during matches and it’s pretty much not allowed. The Undertaker seems like he bladed intentionally during the match and usually blade jobs results in WWE issuing fines to the offenders.

Chris Jericho noted in his latest book that Batista was fined $100,000 by Vince McMahon once for blading in a match against him and Jericho and the referee were also fined for being accomplices, although Batista picked up the fines for both of them since it was his idea.

Triple H and the Undertaker were also fined after their Hell In A Cell match at WrestleMania a few years ago for the unprotected chair shots.