Coliseum Home Video titles coming to WWE Network next week


The website has released the titles of every Coliseum Home Video content that will be available for all WWE Network subscribers starting this coming Monday, February 5.

Fans of the old Coliseum Home Video series will surely remember these titles that date back to 1985. In total there will be 38 videos under a new section titled WWE Home Video Classics which translates to around 60 hours of new footage to the ever-growing WWE Network.

The titles are Bloopers, Bleeps, and Bodyslams, Unusual Matches, Big, Small, Strange, Strong, Grudge Match ’86, Villains of the Squared Circle, Inside the Steel Cage, Grand Slams, Most Embarrassing Moments, Brains Behind the Brawn, SuperTape, Wrestling Superheroes, WrestleFest ’90, Wrestling Tough Guys, World Tour ’90, SuperTape II, Hottest Matches, SuperTape III, Funniest Moments, Mega Matches, Greatest Hits, SuperTape IV, WrestleFest ’91, Wrestling’s Greatest Champions, World Tour ’91, Battle at The Royal Albert Hall, Rampage ’91, SuperTape ’92, Invasion ’92, Euro Rampage ’92, Crunch Classic, WrestleFest ’92, World Tour ’92, Rampage ’92, WrestleFest ’93, Smack’Em Whack’Em, UK Rampage ’93, Bashed in the USA, and Invasion of the Bodyslammers.