Chris Jericho celebrates birthday at WWE event in Berlin…and yes, cake was involved!


WWE Universal champion Kevin Owens led the birthday celebrations for Chris Jericho at a non-televised live event in Berlin, Germany yesterday. Jericho turned 46.

With the two in the middle of the ring, Kevin Owens started singing happy birthday along with the crowd but then decided to add “you are my best friend and I loooooove you so much” somewhere in the lyrics.

Owens then asked Jericho what he has on his wish list for his birthday. Jericho replied saying he wants a new bicycle, a swimming pool above-ground, the full set of Transformers action figures from 1986, and the complete collection of albums by German metal band Helloween.

With the rest of the Raw crew around the ring out for the celebration, Seth Rollins sneaked in from behind with a birthday cake and threw it in Jericho’s face, then Pedigreed Kevin Owens before rushing out.

Just another birthday celebration at WWE! You can see the video below.