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Chelsea Green kicked out of The Plaza hotel in NY after she was mistaken for an escort


It was a rough night for Chelsea Green on Tuesday after she wrote that she was kicked out of The Plaza hotel in New York after she was mistaken for an escort.

Green said that she and a friend went to the bar inside the hotel on Tuesday afternoon before heading to a Broadway show but security told them they have to leave because they were not guests at the hotel even though the Champagne Bar is open to the public and not just guests.

The former WWE Women’s Tag Team champion told TMZ that security and staff at the bar told them that they know “what they were doing there” and Green took issue with the comment because of the outfit she was wearing – denim skirt, shoulder top, brown boots, and a coat.

Trying to speak to front desk and managers went nowhere and Green and her friend eventually were forced to leave the premises.

Green told TMZ that she was both pissed and embarrassed over the situation.

She wrote on X, “Man… one night you’re wrestling at Barclays Center, having the time of your life and the next you’re being kicked out of @FairmontHotels and accused of being an escort because of your outfit.
Life is funny! Maybe next year I won’t celebrate Wrestlemania weekend at The Plaza Hotel LOL…”

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