Chaotic day for 24/7 title as even FOX Sports host Rob Stone wins it…for a few seconds!


It was another chaotic day for the 24/7 title yesterday as it changed hands three times, with even FOX Sports host Rob Stone winning it for a few seconds!

It all started when Elias was performing at FOX Sports’ Founders Day event and he was rudely interrupted by Drake Maverick. With Elias distracted, R-Truth came from behind and rolled him up to win the title. Maverick then chased Truth throughout the place and it ended with Truth throwing Maverick inside a dunk tank.

But it was not all over yet! Truth then walked in the FOX Sports Studios and was greeted by the four hosts. But sensing trouble, Truth started to walk away and tripped, hitting his head. As they called for a doctor, Stone yelled, “We need a ref,” and covered Truth to win the title. As all FOX Sports hosts celebrated, Elias showed up and rolled up Stone for the pinfall to regain the title.

“NO! Elias,” screamed Stone. “Shut your mouth, Stone,” he replied! The FOX Sports host then vowed that this was not over as Elias grabbed his guitar, title, and exited the studio!

You can see the whole series of events below.