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Chaos at WrestleMania press conference as The Rock slaps Cody Rhodes


Tempers flared big time at the WrestleMania 40 press conference as a very polarizing crowd witnessed some crazy stuff on the stage.

Roman Reigns said that it was his choice now to select an opponent at WrestleMania and Reigns selected The Rock. The Rock came out to a very divided crowd and brought up their family tree and mentioned how his grandfather and Roman’s grandfather made a pact.

The two shook hands as they stood across each other but Cody Rhodes came out and said this is all bullshit. Cody told Reigns that he won the Royal Rumble so he chooses who he faces, and he made up his mind, and wants to face Reigns at WrestleMania.

Reigns told Cody that he’s stupid and irrelevant just like his father so Cody fought back, saying that if his grandfather or The Rock’s grandfather was here they would be ashamed of Reigns.

The Rock then entered the frame and said that if he keeps badmouthing the family, then they have a problem, and slapped the hell out of Cody.

A brawl started as Seth Rollins joined Cody while WWE officials including Triple H, Nick Aldis, and Adam Pearce tried to calm things down. Rollins told both Reigns and Rock to f*ck off as he was being pushed to the back.

Meanwhile, after the whole circus was over, Triple H was being interviewed backstage and Rock and Reigns showed up and told Triple H to “fix it” or they will.

“Have him talk shit about our family and that’s what happens,” The Rock told Triple H.

“It was out of line, you know it,” Triple H replied, before The Rock told him that if Cody does it again, he’ll “slap the f*cking teeth out of his mouth!”

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