Chael Sonnen gives out Stephanie McMahon’s number during interview


UFC fighter Chael Sonnen appeared on TSN’s Off The Record and talked about his friend CM Punk and his WrestleMania status.

Sonnen said that he doesn’t know what’s the status of CM Punk at WrestleMania is and cannot answer that question when host Michael Landsberg asked him about it.

However, Sonnen said that there is one person who knows the answer to that question, and that would be Stephanie McMahon.

“If you want the answer to that question, viewers, call her on her personal and private cell phone number,” Sonnen said, who then proceeded to hold up a piece of paper with Stephanie’s number written on it as host Michael Landsberg put his hand on his face.

“You can’t do that! You can’t put someone’s cell phone on,” Landsberg said.

“We the people make that decision and we the people just did it,” Sonnen replied.

The number was blurred by producers and Landsberg then said that the segment was taped the day before but he did dial the number and it was indeed Stephanie McMahon who answered!

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