Home WWE Stephanie McMahon and daughters ringside at Survivor Series

Stephanie McMahon and daughters ringside at Survivor Series


Stephanie McMahon was visiting at the Survivor Series and was sitting ringside along with her daughters during the show, the first time she appeared in public at a WWE show since she left the company.

McMahon, the former Chairwoman and co-CEO of WWE, quit after her father Vince McMahon forced his way back to the company at the end of last year. While her previous hiatus was said to be as taking a break to focus on family life, this time around it was a clean break from the company.

Vince now no longer holds power as it has shifted to Endeavor who hold a majority stake in WWE and reports said that he was not even involved in bringing in CM Punk as it was strictly handled by Nick Khan and Triple H.

Stephanie holds no official role within WWE or TKO apart from her owning several thousands of shares in the company.

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