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Cesaro’s Twitter account hacked by fan


First it was Seth Rollins, now it’s Cesaro as the Swiss’ Twitter account was hacked by a disgruntled fan who’s had enough of the way WWE is treating Cesaro. But this time thankfully there were no nude photos posted.

“You know what? I’m sick of Vince McMahon and his bullshit. I don’t even get a chance to get the tag titles with Kidd now,” the first tweet said before going on an attack on Vince McMahon.

“I hope that old man gets cancer, I would of been one of the best for sure in the WWE. But that old washed-up has been has no idea,” the rant continues. He then addressed what McMahon said on Austin’s podcast about Cesaro lacking charisma.

“I lack charisma? Yeah right I’m the Swiss superman everybody cheered for me at WM. And why did they give me this gimmick and this awful theme music? They’re constantly burying me.”

The tweets were made to look like Cesaro made them when in fact the account was hacked and all messages were deleted afterwards, something that the hacker acknowledged by the end of his rant.

Several other tweets were sent saying that this was not an attack on Cesaro but purely him getting his “anger out at WWE on Cesaro’s behalf.” He urged fans to use the #PushCesaro hashtag, and it was trending worldwide just a few minutes later.

“Okay I’m gonna give this back to Cesaro now. Thanks for the fun. Cesaro, your new password is the same just with a 1 at the end,” the hacker said.