Brock Lesnar returning to UFC for one more fight at UFC 200


When you have a milestone pay-per-view, you call in the big guns. And there’s no bigger gun than Brock Lensar.

In what seems to be the news that shocked both the MMA and pro wrestling world, former WWE and UFC Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar has been announced for a fight at the upcoming UFC 200 pay-per-view, with an opponent to be named tomorrow on ESPN.

The beast incarnate was shown at the end of the UFC 200 commercial with all the major names participating in this show, throwing a punch at the camera.

Lesnar headlined the UFC 100 pay-per-view against Frank Mir and up until Conor McGregor came along it was the highest grossing pay-per-view in UFC history.

Last year Lesnar was courted by the UFC to return when his WWE contract was coming up right after WrestleMania. Lesnar, on ESPN, announced that he was passing on that opportunity and signed a new WWE deal much to the relief of Vince McMahon and everyone at WWE.

You can see the commercial below.