Braun Strowman thanks The Big Show for steel cage match on Raw


Braun Strowman used his personal Instagram account to thank The Big Show for their steel cage match on Raw last night.

“As if we didn’t turn the whole worlds eyes on us the first two times. We gave u a third one of a kinda never to be seen again fight,” Strowman said. “We are the last of a dying breed.”

On his @adamscherr99 Instagram, he thanked Big Show for bringing the fight to him every time they wrestle together. He wrote that Show pushes him to dig deeper and deeper and he always brings out 100% the monster out of him.

Strowman defeated The Big Show last night with the running power slam in the main event and then after the match was over, he power slammed Show through the cage.

The two share a great relationship backstage with Strowman calling Big Show his “wrestling dad.”