Booker T comments on Hulk Hogan’s racist remarks


Booker T shared his opinions on the dismissal of Hulk Hogan and said that he was shocked by what Hogan has said.

The history between Booker, Hogan, and the n-word dates back to nearly two decades ago when Booker, part of the Harlem Heat, told Hulk that, “we’re coming for you n*gger” during a live broadcast.

As soon as Booker said the word he immediately realized his mistake and turned around as fellow Hall of Famer Sherri Martel gave him the look! Mean Gene Okerlund carried on with the interview with his brother Stevie Ray.

“20 years ago I made a huge mistake by saying something I shouldn’t have on national TV. It’s 2015 and the n-word should be eradicated from the English language in my opinion,” Booker wrote on Twitter. “I am shocked by the statements made by Hulk Hogan. It’s unfortunate, but that’s something that he’s going to have to deal with.”