Bully Ray quits TNA a week after he returns on television


Bully Ray, who just last month returned to TNA tapings and revealed as the new sheriff in town has already quit the company according to PWInsider.com.

Since Ray was not under any type of contract and was paid per appearance, he was free to quit whenever he felt like it. The episode of Bully Ray being introduced as the law in TNA aired just last week and said that he was extremely happy to be back in front of wrestling fans and to be part of the best wrestling locker room in the world. He told fans that he would take TNA back to promise land.

TNA is currently holding another set of television tapings at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, and Ray is not present. PWInsider also adds that sources within TNA said that he wasn’t happy with the current state of TNA and felt he had to walk away.

Sports Illustrated held an interview with him and Devon last week and the two openly said they want a WWE return and Ray added that the Dudleys in WWE would be “best for business.”