Booker T apologizes for Owen Hart remark on Raw


An Owen Hart reference on Monday Night Raw by Booker T sparked controversy leading to the former 5 time WCW champion to apologize on Twitter.

The whole thing started when JBL said that Neville could very well become the first high flying King of the Ring. Realizing that Owen was a King of the Ring winner and a high flyer himself, JBL then acknowledged Hart on the broadcast but said that Owen was not on the level of Neville when it comes to high flying.

And then things turned awkward. Booker T out of nowhere then said that Owen “couldn’t defy gravity,” playing up the nickname of Neville as the “man that gravity forgot.”

The comment was obviously not meant to be disrespectful but taking in consideration the way Owen Hart passed away, the comment was a bit out of place.

“I would never say anything to disrespect the legacy of Owen Hart. If I did offend anyone, I apologize,” Booker T wrote on Twitter after the show.

Owen Hart passed away in 1999 during the Over The Edge pay-per-view when he fell to his death from the rafters before making an entrance as the Blue Blazer.